Wellness-tech company LEVLs the obesity playing field.

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Brent Hixson, President and CEO at LEVL. With almost twenty years’ experience in the health and MedTech industry, Brent’s worn many hats. His current station at LEVL just might be the most rewarding yet. With his company’s mission focused acutely on the fight against obesity, it’s clear LEVL’s investment in the wellness space will benefit many, demystifying the complexities of weight-loss through a very personalized experience.

LEVL is a clinical device measuring acetone in the breath, a bi-product of the body’s natural response to fat metabolization. Based on acetone levels detected, LEVL can not only indicate whether a patient is within a healthy fat-burning range but also predicts how much fat a patient will burn over time. This real-time snapshot provides a roadmap of the duration of a weight-loss program, based upon current behaviors.

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Some of the features putting LEVL in a class all its own would be its streamlined ease of use and its ability to report real-time data at such minute, accurate levels. Although there may be other devices on the market claiming to deliver similar abilities, these competing technologies simply can’t compete with LEVL’s reliability and the remarkable level of precision.

This level of precision is “where the magic really happens,” says Hixson. With regards to weight management, having the ability to indicate detection levels at such low PPMs (parts per million), allows a patient to understand their body’s unique relationship with food. In as little as two-hours, LEVL can report the effects a meal has had on the patient’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates, sugars, and ultimately fat. This real-time data offers patients the ability to witness [almost] immediately, the impact of mealtime decisions, therefore keeping patients more engaged, invested, and optimistic about progress in their weight management programs.

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For those who struggle with immediate gratification urges, this device has the capacity to meet those reactionary moments at their source by potentially creating a moment for pause, deeper consideration, and the opportunity to reinforce new behaviors towards healthier choices.

LEVL can be found in both medical and commercial weight-loss clinics across the US, as well as bariatric centers. It’s also FDA registered and covered by insurance.

Thankfully, the scale is no longer our only tool to indicate weight-management success. Through LEVL’s real-time education and personalized approach, they’re not only removing the anxiety associated with the weight-loss journey, but reshaping habits by addressing obesity at its source

If you’re curious about LEVL and would like to know more about this device, more information can be found on their website: https://levlnow.com/

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