The Perfect Self-Care Companion

People often want to know what drew me towards wanting to create a candle line. It’s simple really. Candles have mass appeal, they’re attention-grabbing, and they evoke emotion by connecting with our senses. When you purchase a candle, you’ve made a decision. You’ve chosen a product you find attractive, you’re anticipating a positive experience, and you agree to the care for this product with the intent to revisit this experience, again and again. With an altruistic nature and a greater message to share, it seemed like an opportunity lost not to use candles as the perfect vehicle to promote the real mission behind this merch.

You see, the purpose of our company 4PERSCENT, wasn’t to sell premium, soy wax candles. There are plenty of those out there in the world today. Our primary focus is our mission. We strive to be a positive force in the lives of people by championing the importance of balance. We do this by promoting self-care, and its connection to mental health. The candle is simply the prompt.

Upon the arrival of COVID-19, it was evident this virus was going to play a major in all our lives, with regards to mental health. It was shaping the nature of our relationships, how we interacted within our communities, and eventually our families. An inescapable and unsettling change was unfolding before our eyes. Never the less, there were jobs to do, people to support, and expectations to meet. A mounting list of considerations equally as daunting.

For most, achieving balance within one’s self is difficult. It doesn’t seem to come naturally, yet we assume it should be innate. If it’s not, we become discouraged, thinking we’re broken in some way.  Truth is, we’re all broken. All of us, flawed. But that’s what we are here for; to experience life, learn lessons, and grow from these passages. Anything less would cheapen the human experience.

Using my passion for branding and history in sales, I thought long and hard about what type of product might serve as a perfect yet simple reminder to care for one’s own self. For the reasons explained, candles appeared to be ideal, so I set forth attempting to create a product line that would connect with people in a meaningful way, yet have purpose in its placement and practice.

Simply put, 4PERSCENT candles are companion candles. Their purpose is to prompt you to look within. To be still, if only for a few minutes each day, allow a healing to take place in this simple stillness. Or conversely, to be active! Move your energy up and out through physical activity like walking, jogging, or dance. Shake loose and away the sticky, residuals that aren't serving you. Care for yourself in whatever way feels right for the day, and do it again and again. Perhaps the addition of a candle, a simple yet intimate accessory to your self-care routine, will root you even deeper within your own mission of balance and wellness.

Even though our world appears different today, like anything else, this virus will be but a memory, and then an eventual story. Communities and families however, are cornerstones of our legacies. They are a part of our soul’s purpose, and they deserve our focused love and support.

For yourself and those who look to you, get selfish. In fact, be unapologetic about it! Invest in yourself every day, so that you can more fully give back to those who need you.  You are number one, numero uno, the foundation upon which your world is built. Do what needs to be done daily, so you can ensure there is always “balance remaining.” 


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